Lu Fan



Date: 10/ 2014  Location: New York

Design phase: Design two adjacent dressing rooms. These may be imagined for retail or domestic space, and each room may accommodate one or more occupants; each room must acknowledge private, semi-private, semi-public and public space.

By stalking a walking lady and a lady wearing a hat, I recorded the movement of coat and body, hat and arms. The hanging coat creates a space which keeps changing when the lady walks. While the other one,  the hat seems like a protection, a private capsule, by folding and pulling, the privacy of space changes.

By using twine, I create Space Walk, it is a kind of a tunnel space, while walking in this space, the size and shape of view change, just like the feeling of the hanging coat on the lady’s shoulder, sometimes more covered, sometimes loose and behind, the size and density of twine change the privacy for the changing room.




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