Lu Fan


Date: 09/ 2015- 12/ 2015

According to its definition, dwelling means a space makes people feel comfortable, protected and homie, what if there’s some people who are always hard to dwell in anywhere, what about patients who are suffering mental problems? And  I decide to focus on the famous, exaggerated mental disease: Schizophrenia.

People are always scared of this disease and know barely about it, so I create a space which represents its symptons and let normal people to feel, and later I find out the patients are not only suffering. There’s a case that an old lady who has illusions is gaining happiness since there’s always a young man dating with her in her illusions. So why not give a bright side to the installation, then maybe people who’s visiting will feel this ugly disease could also become a resourse of beauty.

Material: wood, mirror foil, black yarn, cable, light bulbs 

The double-house shaped structure stands for sympton of double image, and blacks yard shows the complicated, twisted mind of patients and the mirror foil creates illusions by using the reflections, and when you go closer you’ll see the yarn becomes a strong structure, it becomes furniture in the space, places to sit, to relax.

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